Millennium Development Goal

In an effort to address key structural problems in the economy, Vanuatu began a Comprehensive Reform
Programme (CRP) in mid 1998, based on three categories of reform: public sector, economic and those
promoting equity and social development (supported directly by the ADB through a US$ 25 million loan,
and integrated into assistance provided by other donors).
Public sector reform aims to improve the institutions of governance by increasing transparency and
accountability in public sector management and reductions in the size of the public sector. Central to
CRP is:
̶ Renewing and rehabilitating the institutions of good governance, including the offices of the
Ombudsman, Attorney General, the Auditor General and the Judiciary that collectively ensure
accountability in Government.
̶ Redefining the role for the public sector revolving around the core functions of law and policy
design and regulation.Please download report:Millennium Development Goal Report

Author: Administrator