Bainimarama visits VPF headquarters

It was another milestone within the history of Vanuatu Police Force since its establishment on August 1, 1980 to receive the Prime Minister of Fiji.
Fiji’s Prime Minister, Commodore Josaia Voreque Frank Bainimarama, the Chairman of MSG and at the same time the commander of Fiji military and his delegation were welcomed with a quarter guard at the entrance of Vansec House by the VMF and an inspection was made by Fiji’s PM.
At the Commissioner’s conference room, the Commissioner of Police, Joshua Bong, warmly welcomed the PM on his valuable mission to visit the VPF Headquarters.

Commissioner Bong said during his term of serving as a commissioner, his main emphasis is to improve the Vanuatu Police Force in terms of its capacity building.
The current workforce stands at 674 but there are high hopes to reach 900 by next year and beyond.
The Commissioner further addressed several requests for support from Fiji in three main areas:
(I) An MOU in promoting closer relationship between the Fiji Police and the VPF in the capacity building, training and knowledge sharing.
(II) An MOU for technical assistance from the Fiji Government in the paramilitary capacity building and training areas.
(III) And lastly, bilateral arrangements for legislation and policies technical assistance and medical doctor attachment to VMF clinic.

On these requests Commissioner Bong said, “It is very important that the VPF stands firm to ensure that the commissioner of police’s position will always be held by a ni-Vanuatu police officer as Vanuatu population is rising with various land disputes and to make sure security prevails at all times.”
In response, the PM of Fiji said they are looking forward to provide assistance through request which VPF have asked for in order to maintain a good relationship between the two countries and to improve the work of policing.
The VPF Commissioner handed over a gift of appreciation to Fiji’s PM and the visit ended with a kava ceremony at the Vansec House Farea.


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