166 RSE workers return, 154 more depart

The Bauerfield Airport’s international terminal was overflowed with Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers, families and friends late last week when 166 touchdown on an Air New Zealand charter flight which departed a few hours later with 154 fresh workers.
This charter flight arrangement by one of Vanuatu’s leading Licensees, Seasonal Solutions, and is the second time since the launching of the scheme 5 years ago.

Before the arrival of the 166 returnee workers, 154 fresh workers were already checking-in and waiting at the departure lounge to board the same aircraft after the returnees disembarked.
Guendar Kalmet, from the Seasonal Solutions who also represents all Licensees at an event organized at the VIP lounge to mark the occasion described the event as an eye opener for all stakeholders of the scheme.

In 2007 during the pilot project only 36 workers from Vanuatu when to New Zealand to test out the scheme but Kalmet said through the sacrifices of many RSE is now one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economy.
After its official launching in 2007, Vanuatu sent 306 workers to New Zealand under the RSE, the number increased to 1855 in 2008, 2024 in 2009, 2049 in 2010, 2521 in 2011 and over 2900 are expected be send this year.
The scheme has been estimated to be raking in over Vt 3 billion since it launching.
“Many developments have happened especially in the rural areas as a result of RSE’d success,” said Kalmet.

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