Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for implementation of the major and most essential policies relating to the internal administration of the entire nation. This Ministry is a crucial department as it services the entire population starts from Torba in the far north to Tafea Province in the far south that needs to be implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Nine departments are under the authority of the Ministry in ensuring that the following policies are implemented in terms of decentralisation, internal security and border control management and the national services. The nine departments Corporate Services Division (CSD), Department of Local Authorities (DLA), National Disaster Management (NDMO), Vanuatu Police Force (VPF), Department of Immigration, Department of Labour and Employment Services (DoL), Electoral Office, Passport Office and Civil Status.

The Ministry is also responsible for some constitutional and statuary bodies like the Electoral Commission, Minimum Wages Board, Labour Advisory Board, National Housing Corporation, National Cultural, Provincial Councils and Municipal Councils.


Building a secure resilient and better Vanuatu for tomorrow


Better manage strengthen and protect resources and institutions of good governance by facilitating delivery of social, economic and cultural services and secure the internal and external environment for the residents and visitors of Vanuatu.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is to improve Good Governance by ensuring that Law, Peace and Security is maintained at all times in Vanuatu, Police departments are located in all municipal and provincial areas to ensure that people live in a safe harmonious environment. Provincial Headquarters are located in all six provinces to provide coordination of delivery of services to the people.

The ministry of Internal Affairs compose of departments and statuary bodies under which are responsible in different jurisdiction regarding the internal welfare of the Republic of Vanuatu
The roles and responsibilities of the various functional areas of the Ministry Of Internal Affairs are as follows;
Cabinet Services

  • Develop and coordinate MOIA Cabinet policy matters
  • Improve executive, finance and human resource management
  • Administer terms and conditions of senior police force members by the Police Commission

Vanuatu Police Force

  • Protect the sovereignty of the nation
  • Support other agencies in effective border control
  • Providing effective policing to all communities in Vanuatu;
  • Providing effective training to all Police, including Recruit Programs, so that members of the VPF can provide effective policing services to the people of Vanuatu;
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for visitors and investors to Vanuatu;
  • Working closely with the Chiefs and our Church leaders;
  • Providing equality in the management of our human resources, including the provision of equal opportunities in training and the recognition of  our three languages, Bislama, French and English; and
  • Supporting regional and international policing and peacekeeping missions.

Department of Immigration

  • Control, monitor and process immigration activities and Government revenue collection
  • Maintain close surveillance and monitoring of immigrants to prevent over-staying
  • Administer and maintain proper control of the issuance of all permits
  • To protect Vanuatu from identity fraud/Crime
  • Provide security document to Ni-Vanuatu so that they can continue to travel freely internationally
  • Administer and maintain the proper control of the passport issuances
  • Upgrade Vanuatu travel Documents to Meet International Civil Aviation Organisation specification for machine-readable passports

Department of Local Authorities

  • Strengthens enforcement of Physical and Town Planning procedures
  • Develop and strengthen institutions and governance systems for delivering services to the people
  • Develop financial policies to administer and raise financial resources for Local Authorities
  • Identify, promote and facilitate development in rural Vanuatu
  • Develop physical plans of Provincial and Municipal areas
  • Build the capacity of DLA, Provinces and Municipalities

National Disaster Management Office

  • Effective coordination of the implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster management in partnership with national stakeholders and partners
  • Ensure disaster risk reduction and disaster management is mainstream into sector policy, strategies in order to gain whole of government approach to community resilience.
  • Implement new Disaster Risk Management arrangement,
  • Effective disaster plans in place to response to disasters, and effective preparedness for medium rehabilitation and recovery program.

Department of Labour & Employment Services

  • Undertakes regular inspections of workplaces
  • Encourages constant safety and health inspections to ensure workers are assured of their protection against work hazards.
  • Administer and facilitate  New Zealand and Australia Seasonal Workers scheme
  • Promotion of decent employment opportunities, particularly for young women and men, and inclusive of persons with disabilities;
  • Capacity building of tripartite partners and improvement of social dialogue;
  • Increased social protection;

Office of Civil Status (Registry)

  • Register all vital events; i.e. births, deaths and marriages in Vanuatu
  • Provide accurate and reliable vital statistics and dissemination
  • Strengthening capacity of the Civil Registry Office in all Provinces and Municipalities

Electoral Office

  • Register all eligible voters at the polling stations of their permanent residence
  • Ensure free/fair elections by having single registration for each eligible vote
  • Maintain national updated information on registered voters
  • Ensure citizen of 18 years and above are registered for national, provincial and municipal elections
  • To achieve effective and efficient registration process and conduct of free, fair and efficient elections.


Each of these functional areas of the Ministry is supported by a centralized Corporate Services  Division in provide Planning, Project & Donor Coordination, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Network and Communication and financial management functions for the Ministry. The establishment of this division enables functional departmental areas to concentrate their activities and resources on the service delivery functions for which they will report against.

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