Hon. Speaker, 

Thank yu blong allowem mi blong mekem statement ia folem Standing Order 19 blong Standing Orders blong Parliament.

Subject blong statement hemi: Bill for the Political Parties (Regulation) Act No. of 2018 or long French hemi Projet de Loi No. de 2018 sur les Partis Politiques (Règlement)wetem ol consequential Bills.

Hon. Speaker,

Political Stability hemi wan concern blong evri pipol long Vanuatu mo Head of State hemi rimaenem Honorobol House ia bakeken long this 2nd ordinary session long importance blong political stability.

 Through long Motion No. 11 blong 2016, Parliament iestablishim Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) blong deal wetem some eriablong political governance blongachivim Political Stability.

Insaed long ol eria blong political governance, i bin gat:

1.     Legislation blong ol political parties

2.     Tighter control long ol motion of no confidence

3.     Independent Speaker

4.     More independent Auditor General

5.     Non-stability related amendments

Eventhough CRC i bin mekem work mo i produsim wan report long 31st August 2016.Unfortunately, objective i no bin achieve from we ol Members blong Honorobol House ia wetem ol political parties i no save reachem consensus long ol recommendations blong CRC mekem se Kavmani mas withdrawem Bill for the Constitution (Seventh) (Amendment) Act No. of 2016 long Parliament. 

Hon. Speaker,

Afta long withdrawal, Kavman hemi reconsiderem issue blong political stability mo hemi decide blong focus long wan eria blong political governance nomo we hemi Legislation blong ol Political Parties. 

Committee we i bin wok long draft blong Bill for the Political Parties (Regulation) Act No. of 2018 hemi consist long ol representatives blong ol political parties we oli stap long Kavman mo Hon. Minister blong Foreign Affairs naoi Chairperson blong Committee mo State Law i assumem role blong secretariat. 

During taem we Committee i bin stap wok long Bill blong ol Political Parties, UNDP i bin organaesem long Warwick le Lagon long 19 mo 20 September 2018 wan Regional Conference long Legal mo Regulatory Frameworks blong ol Political Parties.

 Plande long ol tingting we oli stap long draft Bill ia oli reflectem wanem we Regional Conference ia i bin tokbaot 

Mo afta we Committee I fanalaesem wok blong hem mo afta we COM i agree long draft Bill, mi gat honoria blong tokbaot tingting behind long draft Bill ia long Parliament tede olsem wan information paper nomo blong i gat futher consultation long hem wetem kevri Members blong Parliament we oli must consult too wetem ol respective political parties mo pipol blong olgeta long ol respective constituencies blong olgeta.

Tingting blong Kavman i blong introdiusum Bill ia long nekis yia 2019 mo long event we Parliament I passem Bill blong ol Political Parties, before hemi come into force, country I mas go through long wan referendum from we i gat ol consequential amendements too we bae oli kam wetem Bill ia.

Mo Bill we bae I nid blong i go long referendum hemi Bill for the Constitution (Seventh) (Amendment) Act No. of 2018.

But bifo Kavman i kam wetem Bill ia long Parliament long nekis yia mo decidem wan referendum, bae hemi mekem wan overall national consultation long hem bakeken.


I kat 5 parts evriwan long draft Bill blong ol Political Parties:


·        Part 1 hemi Preliminary we hemi ol definitions


·        Part 2 i stap establishim Office blong Registrar blong ol Political Parties wetem ol staff blong hem, wetem ol functions mo powers blong hem.

Long ples ia, Registrar bae hemi appointed by Judicial Service Commission. But ol staff blong hem bae oli employed by Public Service Commission.


·        Part 3 i containem ol provisions wetem ol criteria olsem wanem nao wan group blong ol persons oli save registerem wan Political Party.

Wan long ol criteria long ples ia I blong mitim wan threshold blong ol voters we Electoral Commission bae hemi determinem before each general election.

Part 3 ia i providem too provisions blong Registrar i save de register wan Political Party sapos hemi fail blong mitim some requirements.


·        Part 4 i stap reguletem ol independent candidates mo ol provisions blong Part 4 ia i applae long wan person we hemi wandem contestem wan election olsem wan independent candidate. Ol provisions ia oli applae too long wan person we hemi winim seat blong hem finis long Parliament olsem wan independent candidate.

Long ples ia too, Electoral Commission hemi setemap wan minimum threshold blong ol voters blong sapotem wan independent candidate.


·        Part 5 i stap mekem provision long ol miscellaneous matters olsem ol Regulations we Electoral Commission isave mekem from time to time wetem wan transitional provision we hemi related long 2020 general elections.

Hon. Speaker,

Olsem we mi briefly mentionem andap, taem Parliament I pasem Bill blong ol Political Parties long nekis yia, Parliament i mas passem too 3 nara consequential Bills. Ikat:

·        Bill for the Constitution (Seventh) (Amendment) Act No. of 2018,

·        Bill for the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act No. of 2018 mo

·        Bill for the Charitable Association (Incorporation)(Amendment) Act No. of 2018.


Hon. Speaker,

Mi wandem talk moa long Bill blong amendem Constitution.

I kat 2 article nomo long proposed amendment ia:

·        One I blong amendem Subarticle 4(3) blong Constitution blong rewardem olsem se Subject long  any restrictions we Law i putum, ol political parties oli save formed freely mo oli save contestem ol elections. Oli must resptectem Constitution mo ol prinsipol blong democracy.


·        Narawan I blong addem afta long Article 17 blong Constitution 2 Subarticle:

Ø Subarticle 17A we hemi relate long Vacation blong seat taem wan Member I resign or I terminated taem hemi nomo sapotem political party blong hem; mo

Ø Subarticle 17B we hemi tokbaot Vacation blong seat blong wan Member we I winim seat blong hem olsem wan independent candidate. 

Hon. Speaker,

Purpose blong statement blong mi long this afternoon I blong introdusim nomo wanem we Kavman i bin work long hem long saed blong Bill blong ol Political Parties.

Kavman I decide blong informem ol Members blong Honorobol House long way we Standing Orders blong Parliament hemi allowem hem blong mekem. Ol draft Bills we mi introdusum hemi no blong Kavman hem wan but hemi blong Nation. So evriwan i mas kivim tingting blong hem.

Olgeta Members oli should gat copies blong ol draft Bills ia long ol respective desks blong olgeta. 

Mo mi stap invitem evri Members blong Parliament blong tekem seriously wok blong consultation blong olgeta, from we taem Kavman bae hemi launchem consultation process blong hem, olgeta fesfala persons we bae hemi discuss wetem olgeta, hemi ol Members blong Parliament wetem ol Political Parties we oli represented insaed long Honorobol House ia.

Hon. Speaker,

Hemia nao statement blong mi long this afternoon.

Thank yu blong listen long hem.

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