I am informed that the military equipment being received today include the following.

a)   Vehicles

- 3 troop carriers

- 2 medium buses

- 2 recovery vehicles- fully equipped with tools

- 4 B90 sedan car

- 2 ambulance – fully equipped

- 1 fire truck

These vehicles includes Accessories

b)  Riot Equipment

- Riot protector, Riot Goloves, Riot shield, Riot spnton, Armour , Helmet, Elbow Protector .

c) Uniforms

- Camouflage clothing , rain coat, shorthand long olive green, beret , boot , gloves , socks , travelling bag.

With these equipment the Vanuatu Mobile Force will continue to mobilize its operation more effectively. I am adamant that the vehicles will assist the force to effectively discharge their duties as well as enable them support the National Disaster Management office in times of natural disaster something that was not effectively as witness TC Pam struck. I call on those who will be charged with the use and management of these assets to do so with pride and ensure that they are used for the intended purpose. To conclude I once again thank you Excellency, the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China to Vanuatu and your Hardworking staff for yours support and good working relations with Vanuatu Government official to ensure that such assistance could continue to be received. Please do extend our gratitude and thanks to the Government and the people of China for this generous support and continued assistance to Vanuatu’s development efforts.

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