Indeed, as graduands from the second intake of the ESA degree programme, you are not only graduands of higher education but also real pioneers??? and ambassadors of this major project to extend bilingual higher education, which the Government of Vanuatu has undertaken since it came to power.

I wish to thank the Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole, whose Faculty of Administration and Communication - and may I commend the Dean, Mr. Francis Querol who is present today - agreed to meet our request, and has therefore assisted in the successful accomplishment of this degree programme since 2013: the teams of lecturers and administration staff of Toulouse 1 Capitole have, over the last four years, successively assisted in enabling you who are present today to achieve your ambition to pursue your higher education in French and English within Vanuatu without having to leave the country. I also wish to thank the French Embassy and the Government of New Caledonia without whom this degree project would not have been possible. It is in fact through your invaluable financial and technical support that this degree programme exists. I have no doubt that these ties will continue to develop further: under the construction of infrastructures project that the Government of New Caledonia is funding at an amount of 700,000 € which will accommodate all the students at the AUF premises from 2019 onwards; and also under the scope of the regional cooperation.

Prepare a paragraph thanking the AUF for setting up this project at the technical level by facilitating the financial management and providing the digital platform ???? To all the teachers and academics, this ceremony would not have taken place today had it not been for your commitment day after day with the students. Whether you came from Toulouse or Vanuatu, you have accomplished an exemplary mission and on behalf of the Minister of Education and Training of Vanuatu, I wish to convey to you our deepest gratitude.

To the students, this ceremony is a unifying event which brilliantly concludes a chapter in your lives, and opens wide the doors to the future. It marks the beginning of a new life for you. Some of you have decided to continue their studies in one of the two bilingual Master programmes offered this year: the Master Sciences Economiques et Sociales (Master of Economics and Social Sciences) and the Master Amènagement et Développement des Territoires océaniens (Master of Planning and Development of Pacific Territories). It gives me great pride to be part of this ceremony and it is my pleasure to join you in your joy. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the 20 new graduands of the Bachelors Degree in Economics and Social Administration and wish you all the best in your future career endeavours. I also wish to commend the entire team from Toulouse 1 Capitole and that of the University Section of the Ministry of Education who have assisted and provided day-to-day guidance toward the accomplishment we celebrate today. Thank you for your attention.

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