At the request of the government of the Republic of Vanuatu, the Chines government agrees to provide the government of Vanuatu with 2 SUV and 25-19 seats buses including 15% spare parts and spare parts for vehicles aided by china before and to send 4 technicians including 1 interpreter to Vanuatu for 20 days providing technical service. All expenses of 11, 000,000.00 RMB Yuan arising from the above shall be paid from the grant assistance stipulated in the economic and cooperation agreements between the government of China and Vanuatu signed on November 2016. The Chinese side shall be responsible for the shipment of the goods to Port Vila and bear all expenses of international, trip, catering, accommodations and subsidies for the technicians. Vanuatu side shall be responsible for and bear the expenses of customs, clearance, taking delivery of the goods, local transportation and storage of the goods, upon arrival of the above mentioned goods in Port Vila. On the arrival of the above mentioned goods at Port Vila, both sides shall jointly examine the quality, quantity, specification of the goods and then subscribe the handover certificate.

The singing ceremony of the Chinese assistance took place on Saturday, 13th May, at the PM Office in Port Vila between Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the chinese ambassador, Liu Quan. Mr Salwai told Mr Liu Quan that this assistance is once again very significant in the relation that Vanuatu has with China. He said buses will be helpful during South Pacific Mini Games in Port Vila on December to transport athletes. Mr Salwai said Vanuatu government maintained his commitment for the games to take place as planed on December this year.

He told Mr Liu Quan to convey government and people of Vanuatu their stand in One China Policy and to thank the government and people of China for their continuous support to the development of Vanuatu. 

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