Following a speech given by the Head of State on Thursday 01st June 2017, the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is investigating reports about two people who died during Tropical Cyclone Donna.

During the response phases, the NDMO only received reports of injuries sustained by two people in Toga and Merelava. The injured people received treatment from medical teams and are reported recovering.

The NDMO Director, Mr Shadrack Welegtabit, said the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) will make further enquiries to confirm any information regarding the possibility of fatalities during Tropical Cyclone Donna. ‘During Tropical Cyclone Donna, the NEOC did not receive any reports of fatalities from any of the Provinces or Government department’ he said.

‘Despite no received reports to date, the NEOC will speak with relevant Secretary Generals and the Ministry of Health to confirm any other information. The NDMO is taking this very seriously and anyone with information should provide this to the NDMO immediately’ Mr Welegtabit said.

Mr Welegtabit said the NEOC continues to remain active and is co-ordinating damage assessment reports and the delivery of additional relief supplies to Torres. The relief supplies included fresh produce donated by the Tafea Province and Tanna farmers which was transported on Wednesday by the Vanuatu Patrol Boat RVS Tukoro.

‘Whilst the relief supplies have been welcomed by affected villages, there has been one report that food packages and medicines sent to affected areas were out of date or expired’ he said.

Mr Welegtabit said ‘The NDMO has already met with the Food Security & Agriculture Cluster to investigate this.

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