Good morning

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the signing ceremony this afternoon.

Vanuatu and New Zealand have a long historical development of relationship in all aspects of development.

Indeed, New Zealand remains as one of our major development partner which plays an instrumental role to support the government of Vanuatu in its development objectives in many sectors.

We have recently a shift in our aid modalities which creates an opportunity for our traditional development partners to shift their focus to bigger investment especially in infrastructure investment, climate change initiatives, tourism and energy.

On that note, allow me to express our utmost appreciation to the New Zealand Government for it generous contribution to the Vanuatu Inter Island Shipping Infrastructure Project ( VTIP) to name two.

The Vanuatu Government also acknowledge New Zealand's support towards the productive sectors, in particular agriculture and tourism, and wish to resister our word of thanks to the Government of New Zealand.

Vanuatu recently launched its National Sustainable Development Project ( NSDP) or People's plan 2030 which map out the key policy priority for Vanuatu  in the next fifteen years.

I am glad to see that some of these priority sectors have been integrated in the Vanuatu New Zealand join commitment for Development which will be signing later this afternoon. These includes; Productive sectors, energy, Law, justice, Water and Sanitation, and education.

We can therefore confidently say that projects funded by New Zealand  are closely aligned with the NSDP. This has been made possible through the close working relation that the New Zealand High Commission has establish with Vanuatu Government line agencies in particular the Department of Stratrgic policy, Planning and Aid Coordination.

It is in the Vanuatu Government's interest to make sure resources are made available to facilitate development partner's activities and most importantly making that there is a mechanic to ensure sustainability at the completion of major undertakings.

The Joint commitment for Development is a framework that maps out mutual responsibility for the two Government to fulfil development aspiration of Vanuatu as outline in the current NSDP.

The regional Seasonal Work Scheme as an example and i believe it is a venture that we can speak of confidently as a worthwhile economic initiative that bring great benefits to participants and their immediate families and community but also the whole country.

I also want to note at the juncture, that Vanuatu has enjoyed good diplomatic relations with the Government and the people of New Zealand. this has resulted in the generous assistance received from the Government of New Zealand to complement our development efforts. This can easily be attributed to the hardworking team there in Port Vila, and i commend you for this.

This join commitment for Development charts another four years of mutual development cooperation between  the two countries of which Vanuatu Government is looking forward collaborating to ensuring progress, taking responsibility for results, maintaining continuous policy dialogue, and to meeting Vanuatu's National Commitment to social inclusion.

On this note, and on the behalf of the people and the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, I would like to say thank you tumas long Kavman blong NIU Zealand long sapot mo assistance we i kivim i kam long pipol Vanuatu



Thank you Tumas

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