One of the essential points in the Prime Minister's speech at the 37th anniversary of Independence, he banned the import of plastics in the country. Smaller remedies like 2 raffle fruits and a green coco to bring them to the beach can greatly help the Prime Minister's speech to safeguard the environment of Vanuatu always healthy and it does not become a plastic-filled country.

This will give the people of Vanuatu time to come and see that the green coco and our other local fruits, contribute a lot to keep the environment, the beaches, the sea, and the reefs of Vanuatu always remain healthy.

Today, a lot of people from Vanuatu go to the beach and they think they go to the store to get a bottle of juice or can of coca cola to bring them to the beach where the river is. Many times when they have finished bathing, they leave the bottles and cans and other pieces or they throw them into the sea, they realize or they do not realize that it can harm the environment. Many people consider that the sea and rivers are places to throw away dirt, but they do not realize that these plastics poison the reef and poisons. A green coco and two tombot fruit can not harm poisons or reefs.

On Sunday the 13th of August, the government site had to find on the beach of mele 2 fruits of tombolier and a fruit of coconut tree that a person or a family had left after the bathe. A little over 100 meters, a person or a family who had left a bag of chicken wings and went home. The person or family who had left these fruits, maybe they did not realize, it's a good lesson, families who go for swimming at the river or at the beach, they are supposed to bring back local produce and fruit To preserve the environment, beaches, and a healthy sea. It's a small symbol but there was a big message behind it.

The beach of Mêlé is one of the beaches of Efaté where every Saturday and Sunday afternoon the beach was full even on holidays. Several times, after swimming and picnicking, there were plastics floating on the sea and others that hang out on the beach. Some people used to bury the dirt on the sand, but they do not realize that one day the sea will dig up these dirt

To preserve the environment and beaches of Vanuatu and to support the speech of Premier Charlot Salwai to ban plastic, the government site insists the people of Vanuatu, they should not go to the beach with plastics, bottles , Cans or boxes in the sea. They encourage the population of Vanuatu to go to the beach by bringing local products that are healthy for the sea, reefs, fish and the life of a woman or a woman. man.

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