Prime Minister Charlot Salwai performed  a costume ceremony on Saturday 19 August to the Sanma council of chiefs, Supenatavutano to thank the chiefs and the people of Sanma province to give their land to the people of Vanuatu in order to build the new big wharf in Luganville.

Mr Salwai performed the ceremony at the gate of the new wharf before he and his delegation comprised by government ministers and senior officials to enable them to  enter the premises of the new wharf.

The ceremony was part of the opening ceremony of the new main wharf on Saturday in Luganville.

He said that the wharf is based in Luganville on the island of Santo but will served the people of Vanuatu and mainly the people of the northern part of the country.

The wharf is currently managed by the four provinces of the northern part of Vanuatu which are Torba, Sanma, Penama and Malampa. 

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