The ambassador of People's Republic of China in Vanuatu, Liu Quan told people in Luganville during the opening of new wharf on Saturday 19th August that is happy that the construction of the project has ended in expected time. Here the statement of the ambassador:
"Today is a big day in the history of the Republic of Vanuatu and a big day in the history of China and Vanuatu relations. It is a day of the biggest project of Vanuatu, the Rehabilitation andExtension of Luganville Wharf Project and the longest comprehensive wharf in the whole south Pacific, I mean a wharf handling both cargo and passengers, is successfully completed and handed over to the Government of Vanuatu and it is a day that Shanghai Construction Company of China accomplished the biggest project that Chinese companies here have ever taken in Vanuatu. I would like to congratulate to the Shanghai Construction Company for the wonderful job they have done and to congratulate to the Government of Vanuatu and people of Vanuatu to have such a modern and top quality facility to serve the economic development of Vanuatu. As General Hua told me yesterday, this project is one of 10 projects that he has managed and it is also one of the most difficult one to date. The Shanghai Construction Company has overcome one after another major challenges and completed their work ahead of schedule with high quality. He asked me to convey his sincere thanks to the great support and cooperation to the Government of Vanuatu and local authorities, especially to the friendly and hard working ni van workers, without their contribution, the project could not be completed as it is. This miracle project is the testament that Chinese companies have the highest engineering knowhow and technologies, and the most important of all is that once they commit, they honor their commitment and deliver in time and quality. As Ambassador of China to Vanuatu, I am very proud of you and very thankful to the Government and people of Vanuatu for the confidence and trust in China.

Today, we have all the big man of Vanuatu to witness this moment of history. It shows the great importance the Government of Vanuatu to this project and also the great expectations to the role the wharf will play for the nation building and development.

My dear friends, this year is a big year in our relations. China and Vanuatu have held various activities celebrating 35 years of our diplomatic relations. Our relations are very strong. The our strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development has reached to a new peak. In the next few months, we will have several functions to celebrate our achievements of cooperation, with the high light of the Kolman Stadium complex for the Pacific Mini Games. I sincerely wish that Vanuatu would use this golden opportunity to showcase the warmth and beauty of this paradise and that the 190 athletes currently taking training in China are prepared to win more gold medals!

Dear friends, China is the biggest developing country in the world with 1.3 billion people, while Vanuatu is one of the smallest countries with only 300 thousand people, people would ask how these two countries have so friendly and close relations? The answer lies in China's longtime foreign policy, that is we respect the sovereignty of each country, treat it as equals no matter big or small, rich or poor. We help each other in many ways. China has done its a bit to help Vanuatu within its ability and Vanuatu is also very supportive to China in regional and international arena. That is a spirit of true friends, as it said a friend in need is a friend indeed. During the TC Pam, China is one of the first country to provide huge amount of aid to Vanuatu. This principle of mutual respect and mutual support has laid a solid foundation for our relationship. I am convinced that with our joint efforts, the future of our relations will be broader and brighter!

Thank you very much

Tankio tumas



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