Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the ambassador of People's Republic of China, Liu Quan signed yesterday, 30th August 2017, an other grant for over 3 billion vatu to finance the construction of the new residence of the President of the Republic of Vanuatu, the new building of ministry of finance and the extension of the ministry of foreign affairs.
The construction will begin at the end of tender process. The new building of the president will be erected at the John Court area where the first head of state, Ati Georges Sokomanu used to live. The building of finance known as government building was damaged during cyclone Pam in 2015.
Many of the building that are currently used by government were built during the colonial reign. Those 3 new projects are not new projects that are financed under the chinese grant. Following the strong relationship that Vanuatu has with China, chinese grants were allocated to build Emalus Campus, National Convention Center, new PMO and the new Korman Stadium to host regional mini-games at the end the end of this year. The other major project that is finance by chinese grant is Malapoa College and the construction is expected to be completed next year.

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