The group Bamboo, native of the island of Mota Lava, on the province of Torba has to, by its popularity, cross the sea to assure the musical animation and amuse the Prime Minister, M.Charlot Salwai, the Minister of  Adaptation to the climate change, M.Ham Lini as well as the ministerial delegation during their passage to Sola, on the occasion of the inauguration of the project of electrification from the biofuel which took place in February, 2017.


This group also passed by Port Vila. Premises(places) say the in town( Port Vila and Luganville) several musical groups are popular whereas to Torba, people can content themselves only with the group Bamboo of Mota Lava who remains the only group. The group is invited on almost all the island of Banks to liven up the parties.

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