The HOPE Party of the former Luganville MP Kalvau Moli, have now joined the Prime Minister,Charlot Salwai’s RMC party. A ceremony held at Chapuis yesterday afternoon saw the executive of Hope party joining the RMC party.  The ceremony was held without Mr Moli.

The custom ceremony was performed to the national treasurer of the RMC who is also the MP of Santo,Marco Mahe, and the party’s national coordinator, Emiliano Buletare.

The national executive of HOPE Party stated that during the last elections they had a new party and a leader but this was not the case at present as they do not know where this leader is. They also stated that they were looking for a new party to join after the last elections, a party with a good leader who will not turn his back on them. They also mentioned that after Mr Moli lost his seat in the last elections, they have been approached by many other political parties to join them but they have refused. The national executive of HOPE Party pointed out that they were not asked to join the RMC by the leader of the party, but that it was their decision to join RMC, as RMC had good policies which could be of benefit to them and their children in the future.

The executive of HOPE Party also pointed out that they did not come empty-handed, but rather that they were joining the RMC along with their 3 counsellors from the Luganville Municipal Council and all their area committees. In the last general electionsthese area committees managed to secure 600 votes for Mr Moli. The HOPE Party executive stated further that as of yesterday there was no longer any hope for the HOPE Party in Luganville.

Mr Mahe and Mr Buletare welcomed the 3 counsellors, the regional committee and the area committee of HOPE Party in Luganville to RMC. They said that RMC is a new political party which gladly welcomes all people around Vanuatu. Mr Buletare stated that yesterday’s ceremony was not the first of its kind to be performed to the RMC party and that it would be more beneficial for the supporters of other political parties who have no MPs or counsellors to join parties that do so that they can also benefit from the developments by the government of the day. He stated that although a lot of negative comments are being made from social media outlets such as Face Book, the present Government has implemented a lot of developments as witnessed by many people. Mr Buletare pointed out that there would be free access to education in the next year for Kindergarten and Year 7 through to Year 10 and this is a development that would reach all the people of Vanuatu. This free access policy has already been implemented for Grades 1 to 6.

Mr Mahe was pleased that among the 3 counsellors who had joined the RMC yesterday, one of them was a woman. This was in line with the party’s policy regarding reserve seats. This policy was tabled in Parliament by the current Prime Minister,Charlot Salwai, while he was the Minister of Internal Affairs during the coalition government led by Joe Natuman, who is now the deputy Prime Minister.

Supporters of the HOPE Party are people from different islands in Vanuatu who are living in Luganville. Yesterday’s ceremony saw the exchange of a red mat, food and meat presented to the national executive of RMC.

HOPE Party was founded when Mr Moli was removed from the national executive of UMP by Mr. Serge Vohor. Yesterday, Mr Buletare appointed an interim committee for the RMC which includes the former supporters of HOPE Party and the regional committee of RMC in Luganville. The president of the interim committee is Mr.Mele Ravo. As of yesterday,Mr Ravo and the interim committee, are now making preparations for a mini congress for the RMC. The purpose of this mini congress is to elect a new RMC regional committee for the Luganville region.


The interim Vice-President is Mr. Jean Yves Etul;interim Secretary General,Hymak William;interim Vice-Secretary General, Analine Joseph; interim Treasurer,Sedrack; interim Vice-Treasurer, Ishmael Lui James; interim RC, Jacob Edwin and the members include Akao Lulu, Peter Reuben, Wilson Marie, Samuel Restutun, Solomon Paul, Fred Awding, Fabrice Kaenbo and Nixon Tabimal. 

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