Prime Minista Charlot Salwai said that comments made by the former prime minister and current member of parliament for Malekula constituency on Radio  New Zealand International is misleading. Mr Salwai said he does not understand the accusation made by Mr Kilman when he said that Vanuatu has to be fair in its foreign policy. He said that so far his government has maintained Vanuatu's policy on the independence of West Papua, New Caledonia, Bougainville and even Western Sahara. Mr Salwai said his government has maintained it's foreign policy on decolonization of the countries who are still colonized by the other countries. He said that the only time that there was slit change in Vanuatu's foreign policy was when Mr Kilman was prime minister. Mr Salwai said during Mr Kilman's reign, he has developed close ties with Indonesia. Prime Minister Salwai labeled comments made by Mr Kilman over his statement last week in front of the United Nations General Assembly regarding the issue of West Papua on media as money campaign. He said that Mr Kilman's comment is confusing because he didn't cited very clear where his government was unfair on its foreign policy.  Mr Salwai said the last ordinary session of national parliament is approaching and Mr Kilman needs money to pay the members of parliament. When Mr Salwai was in New York, there was an attempt of a motion of no confidence by the opposition but it didn't eventuated due to the lack of support. There were allegations that Mr Kilman should be the new prime minister. The allegations on motion saw the defection of the 2 MPs from government side to the opposition side. Mr Salwai said that government, chiefs, church leaders, woman leaders and people are behind the issue of West Papua. He said people government and people of Vanuatu can not turn blind eyes on the violation of human rights on West Papua. Mr Salwai said that the issue of the independence of West Papua cannot be separated from violation of human rights. He said the violation of human rights is happening in West Papua because of the claim of the independence.       

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