Three Royal Australian Air Force C-17 aircraft will arrive in Vanuatu today and tomorrow (3-4 October) carrying equipment and humanitarian supplies including tents and kitchen kits to help those displaced by Ambae’s volcano

The C-17’s will also carry a Royal Australian Navy MRH-90helicopter which will help deliver supplies, personnel and equipment to evacuation centers and communities on Santo, Pentecost and Maewo.

“Australia is committed to supporting the Vanuatu Government with its response to the Ambae volcano,”said Jenny Da Rin, Australian High Commissioner.

“The Australian military assets were requested by the Vanuatu Government and we will work at the direction of the Vanuatu provincial and national governments to ensure our aid is delivered to where it is needed most.”

“The HMAS Choules and the C-17 aircraft are in addition to the A$250,000 that Australia has already made available to support affected communities.”said Ms Da Rin.

The Australian Government, together with its FRANZ partners, New Zealand and France, have been requested by the Vanuatu Government to help with relief efforts. Australia will continue to support the Vanuatu Government’s leadership in responding to this humanitarian crisis.


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