Prime Minister Salwai had thanked the church of Melanesia for its contribution in the development and the way they maintain the spiritual life in Vanuatu today. Mr. Salwai said that the church of Melanesia, like other religions in Vanuatu, they contribute enormously with their prayers so that there is always peace and unity in the country. He congratulated the church of Mélanesie to have hosted at the end of this year a huge meeting of synod for the church. Last Sunday the Prime Minister donate to the church member to the church member, they raise more than 1,300,000 vats, the church members did their best to do the collection between 15h to 17h Sunday at the School of Fresh Water. The website of the government knew that this fundraiser last Sunday and it is also the last collection of funds to welcome this synod. The total sum of funds collected last Sunday is 4 million vatus.

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