MV Aganda has finally arrived at Lolopuepue with the first families who returned home to Ambae yesterday. These families are among many others who have been evacuated. They left Samansen wharf yesterday morning and arrived at Lolopuepue in the afternoon.

Those who arrived were from the villages of Nangire to Lolopuepue. Lolopuepue was among the ports chosen for the arrival of these evacuees from Santo. Repatriation begun yesterday as reported by the NDMO. There should be more sea vessels with more than 11 000 people boarding these sea vessels back to Ambae. The government workers were the first to arrive by ship on Saturday as they were there to supervise the arrival of the families of Ambae back to their home island. A list of all the evacuees was used for those who were boarding the ships and those who do not have their names being called out were not allowed to board. This list contained the names of all the men, women and children and was done so that no one was left behind and that the children are arriving at the same port along with their parents. NDMO in Luganville has reported that ships were loaded with food for those who are returning back home to Ambae.


During his visit to Santo, Pentecost and Maewo, the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai had assured the people of Ambae that their repatriation would be supervised to avoid any complains.   

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