Prime Minister Charlot Salwai signs this morning, Wednesday, October 25; two contracts to control government vehicles, one to put GPS in all vehicles of the government and the other relate to the fuels of government vehicles. The fact of putting fuels in government vehicles, the contract is won by Au Bon Marche to distribute fuel in government vehicles. On the GPS side the Geo Cal company wins the contract. Prime Minister Salwai says that the government vehicles is the issue of every year, we see the over spending in government departments, he adds saying that this installation of GPS, I hope there will not be of over expenditure in the government department. Mr. Salwai says that every year there will always be more fuel costs than the budget for a department. He asks the departments that have essential services and the other departments under their authority to arrive with a budget so that there is no overhead. Mr. Salwai says today that there are departments that own a lot of vehicles and he asks the public service to count how many vehicles have a department. He says that with E-GAVMAN, he had to reduce fuel costs and today many vehicles circulate a lot to transport officials, but they do not use E-GAVMAN. He also says that the internet is installed in every office with computers and phones, but the vehicles register G are still circulating. Prime Minister Salwai says he hopes with the GPS system contract; there will be more control over the use of government vehicles. He says there are a lot of vehicles that the departments use, which are like donations and we have to make sure that these departments will have enough vehicles. They added that the more vehicles there are, the more fuel is consumed. He asks the public service to control vehicles registering VE. He adds that some officials are hiding behind these license plates

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