Before boarding the ship Mv Mahalia last Saturday in Melsisi at Pentecost, the Prime Minister and his delegation. The southern leader of Ambae Samuel Natu had insisted on Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and these leaders to go to his village.

Chief Natu said that with the people they cannot do a customary ceremony to thank the government and the people of Pentecost because they are not at home. He invited Mr. Salwai with the leaders of Melsisi to leave south of Ambae to thank them according to the way of their custom. Chief Natu said that what the government and the people of Melsisi do to them, they will never forget. He added that the weeks spent in Melsisi, people treated them well. He said they did not feel in Melsisi but south of Ambae. Chief Natu also said that every day there is more demand coming from the Melsisi family to return to their village. He also says that they have learned a lot about the way the Pentecostal center's people practice and they cannot forget the good times and the ways they learned during their stay in Melsisi.


Prime Minister Salwai arrived in Melsisi on Friday night after the ceremony at Pentecost South accompanied by the Minister of Climate Change and the Minister in Charge of Internal Affairs Alfred Maho, MPs from Penama Province and senior government officials. It is a customary ceremony for the Melsisi leaders and the people who welcomed the Ambae family and looked after them with solar lamps. The next day they boarded Mahalia for the northbound direction of Pentecost and Kerebay on the island of Maewo.

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