Vanuatu is one of the member countries of the forum which allows it to send members of the Vanuatu police force to serve under Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Island, otherwise known as RAMSI

RAMSI had begun its work in 2003, Vanuatu had already sent members of the police force before the creation of RAMSI to provide the moodai for the population of the Solomon Islands according to the ethnic tension that was between the population of Guadacanal or is The town of Honiara and the population of the other islands of the Solomon Islands as Malaita.

The firm commitment of Vanuatu that the moodai can return to these Melanian brothers makes the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare present the medal plaque to Vice Prime Minister Joe Natuman in front of thousands of people who are Present at the Lonsantana stadium on Thursday, June 29, 2017. The other countries also member of the forum receive medals except French Polynesia and New Caledonia which becomes member of the Forum in 2016. From 2003 until the end of RAMSI, Vanuatu had sent More than 180 soldiers to serve in the Solomon Islands. Vanuatu is one of the member countries of the Forum, which lost a member of its police force when serving in the Solomon Islands. Mr. Natuman received the medal that day at the official ceremony held at the Lonsantana Stadium. During this ceremony, there was the presence of many people, from the children to the old, they were there to say goodbye to the RAMSI. It was a touching ceremony for the people of the Solomon Islands as it is an event that they witness, the population do their best to come to the Losantana stadium. At this time, the stadium was well filled. A portion of the population climbed trees outside the stadium to attend the ceremony and say goodbye to RAMSI. Prime Minister Sogovare and the mayor of Honiara seized this moment to say that the RAMSI left them and that the future of the Solomon Islands is in the hands of the citizens of this country. During the evening, more than 500 youngsters of Solomon Island , during almost one hour, make demonstrations that will surely mark the history of the Solomon Islands. To end the evening, there was the animation of the fireworks lasting more than a quarter of an hour.


The following day, Friday, June 30, Mr. Natuman celebrated a festivity to thank the members of the Vanuatu Police Force for their service in the Solomon Islands and government officials who left with the Deputy Prime Minister for the Farewelem RAMSI. Mr. Natuman told the soldiers that the people and government of Vanuatu are proud of their work in bringing the moodaigo back to the people of Solomon Islands

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