Many people from different islands and provinces, including Port Vila and Luganville who went to Tanna Island last year and this year, said that development on Tanna Island is more advanced than other provinces. It started with the paved road that is by the government, will follow the expansion of the Tanna airport made by the government. With this expansion of the airport, it is not only the ATR 74 that will land at White grass but also Boeing. The development of infrastructure generates trade and especially tourism development that has changed a lot. There is construction of residences to welcome tourists. Tanna Island is becoming popular and attracts many people with its Yasur volcano, and also the way to maintain their custom. At the launch of the 500 VT ticket on October 27, there were about a hundred people who are under customary clothes who were at Black Man Town to see this new 500 VT ticket.

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