Prime Minister Charlot Salwai told the ambassador of China in Vanuatu, Liu Guan during two separate occasions this week that Vanuatu is committed to maintain his support on One China Policy.  Mr Salwai  made the comments during the official presentation of ova 400 athletes and officials for Vanuatu for the mini games hosted on Wednesday night at Vanuatu National Convention Center.
"We are more committed to One China Policy" said Mr Salwai to Mr Liu Guan.  Mr Salwai said that Vanuatu knows that Taiwan is going around the region with checks  but his government will continue to maintain his support on One China Policy. Mr Salwai said that through the strong commitment of Vanuatu on One China Policy, China is contributing a lot to the economic development of the country. This year People's Republic of China handed the longest wharf of the South Pacific in Luganville, the handing over of the new Prime Minister's Offic and the handing of the new stadium to host mini games next month. China has trained Vanuatu athletes for five month in China ready for the mini games. China also build roads on the islands of Tanna and Malekula.
Mr Salwai has again reiterated the support of his government this morning during the signing of the contracts for the maintenance of Vanuatu National Convention Center. Under the contract, China will provide 8 Chinese to come train locals Ni-Vanuatu on how to maintain the center.
Mr Liu Guan said that his government appreciates the current position of Vanuatu on One China Policy. He said Taiwan has already received clear message from China on One China Policy.
Mr Liu Guan said the maintenance of Vanuatu National Convention is very import because it is the biggest building in South Pacific islands countries and will enable Vanuatu to host international events.  

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