On November 1, there was a celebration at the National Convention Center and also the presentation of the athletes who will represent the colors of Vanuatu in the Mini Games that will take place next month. At this time, they organize themselves and make each minister become patron of the different disciplines. Mr. Salwai became boss of the gold medals of beach volleyball. At this time the Prime Minister asks the people of Vanuatu and especially the government ministers to support the Vanuatu athletes. He addresses the athletes saying that Vanuatu is behind them during training and during the competition.

This is Mr. Salwai's speech to the athletes

It remains only 32 days before the official opening of the Pacific Mini Games, going forward for the official opening ceremony. we will look back to see the path that led us to today.

On February 10, 2011, then Prime Minister Sato Kilman signed and pledged to host the Pacific Mini Games. With the requirement of the Pacific Games Charter, he gets the support of the then Leader of the Opposition, Hon Eduard Natapei, and the Minister of Youth and Sport Hon Moking Stephens and the Mayor of Port Vila his Excellency Willie Satearoto. We honor them and take a minute's silence for those two people who are no longer with us. The late Eduard Natapei and the deceased moking Stephens.

From this time until now, I take part of this office, the Government is committed and offer its support slowly. Today, I would like to thank the Council of Ministers and the Parliament for supporting the President of Parliament and the Leader of the Opposition. The government puts all the financial obligation as agreed in the accommodation agreement. Today, we notice that the country is ready to host an effective mini-games but it is also ready to participate and challenge with the other strongest countries in the Pacific.

I could say that these games will be different from the other games because this is the first time the government has fully committed to preparing a venue and a team. For that I would like to thank the People's Republic of China for their partnership with us and their support for the Vanuatu team and coming.

For the Vanuatu team, the council of ministers have approved a fund to ensure that the games will be broadcast throughout Vanuatu, so all the country will look at you. Be proud to represent your country. With the initiative and approval of the Minister's Council and the National Ambassador Program to show that the government is behind you. I believe there is a heritage plan that the Pacific Games authorities have prepared for approval by the cabinet. I hope that in this plan there will be a long-term vision and ensure that the champions of this mini Pacific Games and that the government continues to collaborate with VASANOC for initiative and motivation to ensure that the level sport continues to evolve. This is not only about athletes and the coming but also in schools and inter-school games, in management and training how can we organize in the national games. In these pacific games, let's seize this chance to use the Pacific mini games as a first step to select some of our athletes for the competition and at the same time recognize them in the Olympic Games that will take place in Japan in 2020.

With his words, I wish the Vanuatu team good luck in your training. As beach volleyball boss and with the ambassador program, I know there is a medal, I appeal to every minister that they have to work with their federation to get medals.


Thank you

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