Prime Minister Charlot Salwai addressed FOA summit in Rome, Italy, on 11th November 2017.  
Mr Salwi thanked the FAO for the support it has provided to Vanuatu over the past years as well as the current ongoing programs. He said the FAO’s presence in Vanuatu is a true manifestation of its commitment toward the Pacific Region.Vanuatu's prime minister thanked the FAO for its financial and technical support towards the success of the Pacific Week of Agriculture recently held in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

 Mr Salwai said that his government would like to seek the FAO’s support on the following:

 a.       The Climate resilience crops, in particular crops that have economic value/can generate revenue to the local farmers, and those that will ensure food security especially post disaster;
b.      Capacity building in data collection and analysis with special regard to monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP), which is a nationalization of the SDGs at the global level and to assist with forward planning;

c.      Provide support and assistance for accessing global environment fund and the global climate fund through project development and to ensure funds secured use national established system.

4.      Ensure that there is a fair quota in the recruitment system into the FAO in order to have a fair representation from the Pacific Region in this organization.

5.      There is also a need for the FAO to ensure that the experts that it is allocating to the Pacific Region have a wealth of expertise and familiar with the regional circumstances. The FAO should not send experts that have no experience of the region as the Pacific should not be training ground but a region that requires the FAO to progress their agricultural issues and needs forward.

6.      Vanuatu needs the FAO’s technical support to mechanize its agricultural and agronomic sector.

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