the national executive of the RMC party said that members of the RMC party's Parliament not to get involved in the charge of the movement of no confidence against the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai. There is the accusation that the opposition is planning and runs right and left to seek support from members of parliament who are on the side of the government.

The National Executive of the RMC party clear up the rumour by saying that there is no such member of parliament who was arguing with the opposition as the rumour that circulated last week and confirms that remains united.

The National Executive of the RMC Party wanted to tell the opposition that it was he who wanted to contact these members of parliament and offer them ministerial posts that went to ask the opposition as claimed by the opposition.

The National Executive of the RMC party wanted to clarify to the opposition that it is making appeals to members of the RMC parliament and moreover the opposition has gone to see their family in order to convince these members of parliament of RMC to be able to sign defiance against Prime Minister Salwai

The National Executive of the RMC Party ensures the other political parties who are on the government side and the supporters of the RMC and the public that their members of parliament remain in solidarity.

The RMC National Executive said that the government has been stable for over a year and results in a lot of development being put in place today.


The RMC National Executive would like to thank the other political parties for joining the government during its creation last year until today. They are strong despite the offer of the opposition.

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