Prime Minister Charlot Salwai visited the construction progress of the new buildings of the Malapoa College on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

Mr. Salwai said to the Chinese ambassador, Mr. Lui Quan, and the Chinese company that built the buildings, he is happy with the progress of the work. He added that the government's priority is still education. Mr. Salwai goes on to say that every year the Government spends 25% of its budget on education. Prime Minister Salwai also says that he believes in Vanuatu students who take good education, he counted on them to be able to develop the country with their know-how. 

He said that today, Vanuatu needs more engineer and other sector like science and he hopes with his new buildings, the country can have more students who will be qualified in other sector that There are no people qualifying in these sectors.

The Prime Minister, when he was Minister of Education, he came with a free school policy because he believed in education. 

The Ambassador of China Lui Quan said that China is ready to help Vanuatu students to study in the field of engineering. He goes on to say that some Malapoa College students have continued their studies in China and are coming out with good results.

He added that China has more engineers than other countries in the world today. Before we heard about the Amsterdam Bridge and today it's nothing compared to the longest and largest port that China has.


The company that is in charge of this new construction said that the work will be finished, these new buildings will accommodate 800 students. They think they can finish the work in July of next year

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