This morning the session of Parliament cannot take place by the fact that there is no quorum, only 34 member of parliament. This morning the Speaker of Parliament, Esmon Saimon says he counts the members who are present today in the chamber. The number is only 3, there is no quorum, there must be 34 members of parliament.


This morning, there was opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau coming to parliament without members of the opposition parliament. There are also members of parliament on the government side who are not here this morning as Minister of Adaptation and Climate Change Mr Ham Lini, who is abroad for meetings on climate change. With the 31 members of parliament present and the members of Parliament on the government side who are not present, there is a total of 36 in all who are on the side of the government. Since there is no quorum, Parliament will be held on Thursday to decide government bills. This parliamentary session is the last session of Parliament this year, it is the government that asked to decide to speak about the bills. According to the order and the Law of Parliament, on the first day of the session of Parliament, there must be a quorum of members of Parliament.

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