Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and at the same time a member of the Pentecost Parliament. Charlot Salai asked the people of PENAMA to commit to the development of their province. In the speech of Mr. Salwai of the celebration of the Day of the provinces of PENAMA Saturday, September 16 at the Park of Saralana on Port Vila. The Prime Minister said that commitment should begin at the level of leaders, political leaders up to the community level and in the villages. After the speech, there were many people from Penama who attended the parade that started at the Independence Park passing through the city center and ends at the Saralana Park.

Mr. Salwai said that there were a lot of people from Penama on Port Vila and there were not many people who attended this parade on Saturday to mark the birth of the province of Penama. population of Pentecost Island, Ambae and Maewo. He said that in Port Vila there are many people who come from these three islands.

He adds that in all the subdivision of land on Port Vila today, you cannot fail to see the people of Penama.

The Prime Minister said that if there are many people who attend the parade, it is because the people of Penama have no commitment for their province.

He added that today the province of Penama, is the province that has many children well educated as lawyers and he asks them to find a way out for the development of their province. Prime Minister Salwai said that Penama is one of the provinces that is rich in human resources and natural resources, and their provinces earn money on their own

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