Good evening


Firstly, i would like to convey the Government gratitude to the Chair, and the member of the TVL Board of Directors, who are here with us tonight, for choosing to invest in Vanuatu.

This partnership between the Government and the TVL dates back to 1978 when TVL was created, providing Vanuatu then with only landline. Fast forward to 39 years on, today we are talking about 4G+ broadband cellular networks, the latest available technology in this telecommunication sector.

This investment shows TVL's commitment to the Vanuatu development as this will surely have a positive impact on the country's economy and i thank TVL management and the staff for this achievement.

While we welcome this new development and we aware of the free net use practise, i also request TVL to help the Government and TRR to proactively advocate and promote awareness on the good and bad  side of using this service as it should be used to promote the country's economy and culture but not to destroy it.

I understand ICL reduced its international bandwidth price of around 30% this year therefore i would like to see this  price reduction impact on your retail prices so to offer accessibility of this newly Launched 4G+ service to the whole Vanuatu Citizens.

This Launching is an upgrade of the current UAP policy since not only Port Vila will benefit from 4G+but also some remote areas and later on the full country.

I take this opportunity on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu to acknowledge TVL's support to the Universal Access Policy initiative to provide access to telecommunication services to 98% of our population by the 1st of January 2018.

I offer our assurance that the government will continue to support you in your business endeavours to market Vanuatu as a competitive telecoms market in the South Pacific.

Finally, I congratulate the TVL Board of Director, CEO management and everyone behind the development of these 4G+ services, which will enable every children, woman and men to communicate and access information where they are in Vanuatu.

May God Bless you as we continue to work together for a prosperous Vanuatu.




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