Promises after promises and finally heavy materials finally arrive in Batnapni at Central Pentecost in the morning to repair these roads after more than 20 years of suffering from poor road conditions.

The third political adviser in Prime Minister Jean Baptiste Buleben's office says today that the first loading of materials like Bulldozers is already coming to Batnapni.

Mr Buleben said that there is a second load of heavy machinery which is ready for loading at the port of Santo direction of Central Pentecost.

He adds saying that the first works of these heavy machines to repair the roads passing through Narua which is one of the largest village of Central Pentecost and moreover it is the village of the main suppliers of the kava where they arrived in Santo and Port Vila and exports to the regional and international market.

Mr. Buleben said that after completing the Narua road, they started in Batnapni and did maintenance on roads to the south of Pentecost. The maintenance of Central Pentecost roads becomes a problem today after the promises made by the politicians during the electoral campaign. All political parties are doing the companion on the maintenance and making new route to the center of the island and until now there was nothing and it has just come true. When the member of parliament of this island, Charlot Salwai becomes the prime minister. Last year, the population of this island believed that their island is the list for the maintenance of the road and also the paved road takes place according to the custom of Pentecost, a high chief of a nakamal can eat the pig's head in his nakamal and give half to the other heads of the other nakamal. The population of this island wanted maintenance for the roads during the first year of Mr. Salwai's government last year where they heard about the maintained and tarred roads on Tanna and Mallicolo. The government explained the procedure of their work and responds to the companions, the politicians did not talk about their procedure and they said they will repair the roads and make new roads. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Central Pentecost farmers came up with the idea of ​​going on strike by banning the export of kava to Port Vila just to draw the government's attention after much family in Port Vila will have problems if the kava does not arrive in Port Vila.

The report that the website of the government knew today at Central Pentecost, the population are happy to see that the machines arrive in Batnapni today. They said that this road maintenance will help many farmers on this island. Pentecost Centrale has the main suppliers of the kava market to Port Vila, Luganville, in the region and internationally. Indeed on Port Vila if a boat did not pass on Central Pentecost, it proves that kava bars are missing from this product. In recent weeks, some people from this island bought cars and transported to the islands. The drivers said that with the Central Pentecost road will help many of the car owners by keeping their vehicles longer. With the current conditions, it does not guarantee a lifetime of a new car.

The owner of public transport said that the new cars arrive at Central Pentecost after a month, the cars are in dismal condition. They said that vehicles lose their value faster due to poor road conditions. These bad conditions of roads of the central of the island generates the immigration of certain public transport leaves to make the transport to the North and also to the south of the island. This is a road maintenance project and for asphalt roads on the island this is another project. The government's website had understood that this paved road project on the island of Pentecost is in another project that will be done after the Tanna Mallicolo asphalt road project.

The bad conditions of the roads on the island of Pentecost, Mr. Salwai had received many complaints since he became a member of the Parlent of this island. He arrives at a level where he takes money out of his pocket to pay for fuel oil to do the work on the new roads. Mr Salwai joins the people of Lebati to work by hand and also use human energy to build up their village.

At the end of last year, Mr Salwai and Infrastructure Minister Jothan Napat visited the island of Pentecost, they witnessed their car being held by the mud in the public highway.


Mr Napat told the leaders and the people of Melsisi that he was ashamed to see the conditions of the roads of Central Pentecost and promised them that Mr Salwai's government would repair the roads.

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