Prime Minister Charlot Salwai said that today there is another product that people can make money for. Mr. Salwai was making this speech when he visited the Noni Fields on February 4 at the village of Velit Bay east of Santo. According to the information that the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture Matai Seremaiha, the Minister of Finance with the same title member of the parliament of the constituency of Santo Gaetan Pikioune and senior government officers who are on the island of Santo . A person can make money with this product after a year of planting compared to kava and coconut that takes 5 to 6 years to farmers to make money with these products. the information collected concerning noni, only one foot of noni a person can earn 6000 vatu and with one hectare a person can plant 10,000 feet of noni.

 the information that the government website collected said that people can harvest nonis 4 times a year. The information that the Prime Minister and his delegation received from the Chinese company who planted these feet of noni said that there is a market in China. This company is building a large building in the village of Velit Bay that will become the factory of Noni. The company also said that it will give free young shoots of the nonis to people who are interested in planting it, and if the tree gives these fruit they will resell near the plant of the factory.

Mr. Salwai comparing noni with kava saying that kava has no market or factory for the factory while kava noni has its market and factory in Vanuatu and China. Today China's population was more than one billion people, the noni has a market in China, the latter is a good business for the people of Vanuatu. The Prime Minister said that he was a witness of the Vanuatu noni who is in the Chinese market, it shows that the Chinese like noni from Vanuatu. These nonis sold in China come from another company that is on the island of Vate that exports them to China.

It appeals to the official working on Santo that they will help investors who want to invest in Vanuatu. The Prime Minister said the government can do a lot to promote Vanuatu as a good place to invest and if investors arrive and they are not helped, they will return home with their money. Some investors may also discourage other investors from coming to Vanuatu. Many times, investors who arrive in the country and who did not know the process of investing in Vanuatu and they appeal to the official to help these investors.

Mr. Salwai speaks to the community of Valit Bay saying to keep this noni plantation. He made this call following the rumors of some people who said that people broke the barrier that surrounded the noni plantation and uprooted young shoots of noni. Mr. Salwai calls on the chiefs and the people of Velit Bay not to disturb the development of noni, but rather to protect them. He ended by saying that the people who will benefit first from this project are the people of this village.


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