The Prime Minister had performed a customary ceremony for Efate chiefs on 1 October to thank them for giving the ground to place Bauerfield International Airport. Mr. Salwai said that the way the people of Efate give this land gives rise to the fact that Vanuatu has a large airport from which it can accommodate direct flights from Europe and Asia.

Mr. Salwai said that the Government of today needs the land to make developments. He said perhaps that in the times to come there may be development in the sky or the sea. This time it is the terrestrial. Prime Minister Salwai adds by saying that the customary ceremony that the government has made to the people of Efate including landowners. This customary sign is small compared to the property value where the airport is located.

The head of the village of Mélé poilapa thanked the government for performing this customary ceremony.

The Bauerfield International Airport Improvement Project and a top priority since Mr. Salwai is Prime Minister, he wants it to be done as quickly as possible for planes to land on it. Again it is the problem of the track and with the procedure of the work of the bank and the law of Vanuatu, that causes the delay of the work. Mr. Salwai said that many of these projects are matters of Vanuatu law with the government departments. He had appealed to these departments to agree to solve these problems if there were any. Mr. Salwai was saying that the company in charge of rebuilding the airport, while the work is being delayed because of the work according to the laws of Vanuatu. One of these problems is the protection of the water areas of Port Vila that the Chinese company can not mix the tar near the airport, it had to do it on a place near Samasama. The company put a period of more than one year to complete the work of the runway at this airport.


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