When we get into this terminal operation to attend and have the declaration that the terminal will start its full operation with international transport works and operators. Today we are here to attend this important occasion to reiterate the ideas and the words of this great infrastructure that will appear. Our time and our way forward can realize these ideas and get good results so that there are changes. These journeys and these leads us to today that we can see that these ideas we can see that those ideas that some of us who said when Teriki Paunimanu Matoi Kalsakau III and his technical group who had this idea with our government who together begin this work. It is true that some people said that it is only a dream, and today we come to attend this dream that becomes reality. Today I have the honor of attending as the current Prime Minister to say that this dream has come true for us. I have this honor to congratulate the major leaders with the government passed up to me today to keep the development footing policy staying strong.

And with all due respect, I ask all of us to stand up and give a minute of silence to recognize the efforts of the leaders and our friends who worked hard today, they are not with us, like the late Edward the Honorable Natapei, the late project engineer Sir Simoji who represented ECOH Cooperation supervise the construction and also the family members we do not mention their names (we stand up for the minute of silence)

Thank you all.

Today, I could remember the existing times and a friendly atmosphere that reigns here and I can say that this opportunity today that may mark the fourth and final stages of this special event and become like the ceremony official opening of this new infrastructure like this one. This great accomplishment under your leadership Teriki Paunimanu Mantoi Kalsakau III for your command and your vision towards improvement in your community with the government passed until today.

At that time I wanted to acknowledge the great support and assistance of the government and the people of Japan who give to Vanuatu. I can add by saying that this is a historic event because the first time that Vanuatu had ever received assistance through Japan's ADP loan. I want us to applaud to thank the government and people of Japan, without them we can never have this "state of art" like this. Many thanks to the Government of Japan and also the Government of Australia through DEFAT which makes an understandable banking and reliable study that gives assurance to the Government of Japan to fund this project.

The Path, the story and the process of doing this project is not done and takes a lot of time. The narrative and the aforementioned journey following the main idea of ​​the government which is in priority the action plan for the government from 2006 to 2018.

This idea that the government of the time had started the initiative and belief in public-private partnership (PPP). With the initiative of the Vanuatu government builds on it and takes a different approach and may not match the ideas of the World Bank or other financial institution they use. With that we are proud to say that this initiative that had a lot of context of Vanuatu on it.

I am pleased to say that the Government of Japan recognizes the priority needs of our Government and the people of Vanuatu to grow our economy and become the agreement with Vanuatu and secure the ADP Loan portion.

The negotiation of the ADP loan was taking place between our technical group on the government side with the representatives of the other JICA official in April 2012 and the negotiation becomes a success with the negotiation of the loan amounting to 5 billion vatu.

After the ADP loan agreement reached between the two governments of Japan and Vanuatu in August 2012 that leads to the time we all, we were there to attend the official launch that took place in the same place that we are today. that the project should begin and moreover it was declared by JICA President Dr. Akinito Tonaka and I have the honor to declare that the Port Vila multipurpose Lapetasi development project is officially launched on May 5, 2015.

Engineering studies and design advances and when the main construction is to begin and we come back to this place to witness the innovation and show that this project we are talking about will begin this innovation had occurred on August 4, 2015.

During the time that the Vanuatu government should o be understandable on this loan of the ADP Financial is correct to bring us until the day when the project is completely finished. The engineering detail and the technical design shows that it can minimize the additional fund that goes up to one billion for the project which can be all complete.

The Government of Japan has seriously considered and at the same time seen the priority needs of the Government and the people of Vanuatu and they approved an additional fund in a short period of time because this need is very important with the technical design that the engineers gave for justify this increase with the second loan of a billion vatu that makes a total loan that is nearly a 10 10 billion vatu in total.

With the great support that the Government of Japan gave to its Vanuatu Development Assistance Program in addition to sea ​​which has increased a lot in Vanuatu. This makes the idea of ​​putting a Japanese ambassador to Vanuatu the government also agrees with this idea. This shows a good relationship that we have And as current Prime Minister, I have the honor to welcome the new Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu at any time to foster a strong relationship and have a good, long and a political cooperation.

Also with the presence of tradition and when our development partnership and our multilateral financial institutions that the Vanuatu Government will continue to invest heavily on infrastructure productivity activity. With other sectors of productivity that can contribute a lot to our national economy and diversify on the idea dependence that surrounds us. And also as a sovereign country, the government makes the support clear and continues to borrow and invest in the place where the loan is not source of a subsidy finance.

Today I am delighted with the people of Vanuatu to thank the Government of Japan for recognizing our priority infrastructural needs for us Vanuatu people. At the same time I say that the government-led council of ministers that I lead that is on the one hand looking for the development partnership that can advance to assist these countries to have a loan that will be a supplement of the other infrastructure to meet only the priority of the government. But the bathtub to make sure that the infrastructure facilities must also comply with the international standards that followed IMO, ISPS codes, ICAO and IATA standard.

I just returned to say that the government initiative our two development partnership as JICA and MFAT and the contribution of the private sector as Ifira Ports Development Service (IPDS) that we can take them and work together, this shows a track for development to develop in a big infrastructure like the project from the airport and other project through the private public partnership of the current government that wants to promote a lot.

I will want to say to all of us here and I am very proud that a local indigenous company like the IPDS(I congratulate the IPDS) that comes to this idea of ​​working with the government, that we with the government can support this working idea of ​​the Public Private Partnership that the government made the loan through bilateral negotiation and partnership as the IPDS, they can seize the concession of the agreement then IPDS to repay through the government with the conventions like the loan agreement to be able to repay the loan of the ODA which borrowing from the Government of Japan through its agent like JICA.

Today with the new facilities which are one is the terminal which is class Vanuatu in a high margin as "the State of the art "the facility that makes Vanuatu venture into new horizons for deliveries and port services. The facilities that is on the terminal port Lapetasi, which brings us to a high level that can help immigration and domestic income notament through the Alsekuda system of the government possesses to keep the balance sheet for imports and exports and he could attend to the income improvement of the government collection.

Before ending my speech, again I would like to remind us that the chairman of the SPDI board as the main use and operator for these new facilities. I ask your help to keep these fixed assets and back he can keep us too. I congratulate you for operating on this new terminal with flange and as it is written in the agreement with Jica ODA, it is well watch.

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