The UNDP cemented 5 streams on Epi Island to make it easier for vehicles to move when it rains. Vehicles have no problem crossing streams when they are overflowed. The first stream is at Ravo Bay, which goes to the southwest of the island. These 5 streams, when it rains the vehicles can not crossed to get to the airport. Students can not cross to go to Epi High School. Premier Charlot Salwai, Minister Responsible for Climate Change Adaptation Ham Lini, Minister Responsible for the Provinces. Alfred Maho with the representatives of the UNPD go to the island for the occasion of the opening of these 5 cemented streams. On either side of the road starting from Ravo Bay to the South East of Epi, the population decorates the road with flowers. In the village people stand on the side of the road to greet the delegation and thank the Government of Vanuatu and UNDP for this project. And also in the village, the villagers welcome the delegation with fruits like green coconuts, watermelons, bananas and mangos. On the side of custom, in the same village, delegations receive a welcome custom.

Mr. Salwai thanked the UNDP for being able to help the island of Epi with this project. He said these road accesses are very important for the development of Vanuatu and also on the island of Epi. Prime Minister Salwai was saying to the people of Epi, they are lucky to be part of the bottom of the UNDP project and ask them to keep these cemented roads well. The island of Epi is changeable to benefit from the Climate Change project known as the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change. The project that the Prime Minister's delegation inaugurated is part of the UNDG project, which totals more than 800 million Vatus and is called the Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (PACV).

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