I am pleased to announce the inauguration of the largest solar farm ever built in Vanuatu ...

... and I wish, on behalf of Vanuatu and all the people who will benefit from this project, to thank all the people who participated, in particular:

• EUROPE, whose generous donations have financed 60% of this project

• UNELCO and the Government which invested the rest,

• All the teams Europe, Government, UNELCO, URA who designed this project and carried out the process

• All the local and international companies that deployed it

This project is in line with the Government's National Energy Road Map (NERM) and contributes to progress towards meeting our international commitments under the CoP21 in Paris.

On its own, this project will:

• save 10 million liters of fuel over the life of the farm,

• That represents 26 Million Kilos of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere.

It is a promising project in all respects:

• it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels,

• reduces the impact on the climate,

• reduces the local environmental impact,

• reduces the energy bill for consumers,

• allows local businesses to work,

... and puts Vanuatu at the center of energy policy.

This renewable energy project is a great success, but above all it represents a new promise and a new model that I hope to see reproduced in the future.

It is a model in which the Government, UNELCO, the regulator and the development agencies work together to address the country's challenges. None of these actors can realize the vision without the others and I am very optimistic, on the basis of this success, that this model represents the future of the development of the electric sector and the key to face the climate challenge.


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