The Minister's Council makes a decision today and declares the state of immediate emergency on all of Ambae Island.

The COM also made the decision of the government, they began to talk with the great customary chiefs of the island of Maewo and Pentecost to find a plot to move the population of Ambae to settle there.

The first decision of the HOM following the fall of Ash, he states that the area devastate for the people of South and East Ambae and moved them to a safe place on the island DAmbae.

With the development of the past days, there are ashes of the volcano also which also falls to the North of Ambae where the population of the south of Ambae moved.

There are about 500 people from the south of Ambae who have already moved east from Ambae to the village of Lolosari north of Ambae. They reported that the ashes fell trees and also houses, it destroyed food in the fields, it also damaged the fields of kava which is one of the main income resource for the population of Ambae .

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