Prime Minister Charlot Salwai asks the Chinese company CCECC that he should employ more the local population. He told the big boss of CCECC when he came to visit last week, Vanuatu can not give a special visa to Chinese because this work a Vanuatais can do.

Mr. Salwai said that Vanuatu can only give a special category of visa for CCECC workers because this work that Ni Vanuatu can not do. He added that he still sees Chinese driving large trucks while there are many Vanuatu who can do this work. The Prime Minister makes a request to the workers' bureau that should not focus only on CSR and should also focus on protecting the work of local people in their country.

The Prime Minister asks the immigration and the customs to make sure that he gives a special visa only to the Chinese who are specialized in the works where the Vanuatais can not do it.

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