A delegation from the International Civil Aviation Organization is an agency of the United Nations Agencies, they met with Prime Minister Charlot Salwai today Thursday, March 29.

This kind of visit is done in every country in the region, it is to try to find an idea for each country from the aviation side and consider what kind of help is taking to help these countries.

They told Mr. Salwai that ICAO wanted to partner with Vanuatu on aviation development. ICAO said it knew about the Vanuatu people's plan for 2030 and they can contribute to it for the development of aviation.

Mr. Salwai welcomes any assistance that AOCI can help Vanuatu. The Prime Minister said that Vanuatu had already begun building aviation infrastructure because tourism is a major resource for Vanuatu. He said that these works are underway on Bauerfield airport, Pekoa and Tanna airport, there is also work to do at Norsup airport, Lonorore airport and Motalava airport to ensure that the ATR can ask. He said that if Vanuatu can find credit in foreign banks that could lend funds to Vanuatu because it will be important for the development of these airports

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