Prime Minister Salwai calls on the BRV to create a law to protect the innocent people of Vanuatu from people who deceive them and collect their money.

Mr. Salwai said there are innocent people who have lost millions of Vatu for fake agents. he said that one of the reasons that is not easy for these innocent people. They can put their money in the commercial banks that are set up today in Vanuatu.

Mr. Salwai was telling those people who have lost a lot of their money and that's a good sign for the reserve bank. It sort out one for the facilitation of using commercial banks and protecting them.

Mr. Salwai was speaking at Port Vila yesterday when he inaugurated the Vanuatu National Financial Inclusion Strategy, a document from the Vanuatu Reserve Bank. He said it's hard for those innocent people. They put their money in commercial banks, they gave away to people who cheated on them to save their money.

Mr. Salwai said today that people can put their money in commercial banks but there are conditions to open a bank account. The Prime Minister said that compared to people who make dirty money and who deceive people. It becomes easy for those innocent people of their money.

Mr. Salwai asks the bank of Reserve that they should put a protection for these people

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