According to the problem of the Ambae volcano that causes ash to fall, on Monday next April 23 the chief of Pentecost and Ambae will have a meeting at the office of the broker of the Penama provinces to decide the decision of the council of ministers of last week.

The Council of Ministers decided at their meeting of the government, they spoke with the leaders of Pentecost and Maewo, which also these two islands can give plot to install the population of Ambaé. This land is not only to receive the population of Ambae and at the same time it will become the new home. This land the government will pay, the idea behind choosing these two islands is to keep the family spirit of the provinces and more is next to the island of Amabe, it will make so that the population of Ambae who move and ready to party and come back when the situation will calm down. The decision of the HOM is for the government to pay a permanent land for the population of Ambae. The government website has received information that there are other islands that they are ready to donate plots of land to the population of Ambae. During the first evacuation, the leaders of Pentecost and Maewo, they have already told the government is ready to give plots of land to the people of Ambae that they can install there. The high chiefs of the island of Maewo said that it was the government that the island alone could shelter all the population of Ambae. During the first evacuation, there were a total of more than 11,000 people that the government was moving to the island of Santo, Maéwo, Pentecost and Vaté Island

Today there are a total of 9000 people on this island who are in all evacuation centers east of Ambae. At the first decision of the HOM. They declared that only the south and west became a disaster zone, but in the past days with the change of direction of the wind that caused ashes to fall as far north as Ambae Island. the government officials who were on this island this week said that this damage to the volcano ash that is on the island of Ambae, it is stronger than a category 5 cyclone.

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