according to the allegation and speculation of local media and social medias, about 4 million vatu that is intended for the sport that the Council of Ministers had approved for the Commonwealth Games. The meeting that had been held on Friday, April 27, 2018 at the prime minister's office and who had confirmed that money that is only in the finance department.

Today's meeting implies that the Council of Ministers had proved that this sum of money would be maintained in case the Commonwealth Games Committee asked Vanuatu to pay a registration fee. The Finance Department confirmed that today there were bad rumors going against the Ministry and the Department of Sport, it's absolutely necessary because this money is never used and it is still there.

Today's meeting brings together Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Minister of Youth and Sport Alone Simeon, Department of Finance and VASANOC. This is to clarify the false information that comes out in the media or social networks.

Mr. Salwai said that this is an issue that the department and Vasanoc should discuss on the subject and find that evidence instead of using the media or social media to speculate.

The prime minister asks the minister, the department, Vasanoc and the various sports federations in the country for the development of young talent of the Vanuatu people.

Mr. Salwai says that today there are many young people and they need this body to work together to develop their interest.

The Prime Minister said that it's been exactly 3 months since the mini games are over and now the government is still waiting for the report of the game has not yet arrived at the government but they left share the check money as the countries that win during the game. He said that this money is supposed to come with the game report before sharing it.

He said the government had spent more than 900 million vatu to host the game and this money is that of the people of Vanuatu and they have the right to know how it is spent. He says the expense report of this money should go to parliament.

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Sport and the Vasanoc Department to come together and work together and come out with a plan to manage the Korman stadium, they need every federation that is in Vanuatu that can signed a technical cooperation with the Chinese government.

He said it's sad to see some sports discipline like table tennis that there is no coach at the Commonwealth Games.

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