Southeast Santo chiefs applaud yesterday when the government said that Luganville is an economic port and it is to equip Luganville and for infrastructure. The leaders welcomed any development the government wanted to do in their land. Landowners at Pekoa and Palekula airports welcomed the government's idea to expand the airport and make Palekula a fishing base as before. The words that chiefs and landowners said to the government. Yesterday Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, Finance Minister Gaétan Pikioune and Minister of Lands Alfred Maho attended the meeting with the chiefs and landowners, Sanma Province and Luganville City Council for their talks on these developments. The landowners and the chiefs said6 that more than 30 years of independence and finally this will give their fruit of independence. They said that there were small problems, but it concerns them and they let the development continue. The PM thanked the landowners and Santo chiefs for being able to accept the people of the north and the south to remain in their land. Yesterday PM Salwai with his delegation will go to Najino Point in the South to say that the government of today will be paving their way. This morning the delegation of the PM meeting with the works council of Luganville and Santo.

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