Thank you for the invitation we extended to participate on this important occasion

Vanuatu is one of the countries in the Pacific region to have no policy to ban non-biodegradable plastic starting in July 2018.

We had an ocean policy that is in place together with our national sustainable development plan that they defend the importance of giving a holy environment including our sea.

Why, do we need to take this direction policy?

We see the importance of managing our waste because they can pollute our land and our sea. We have already seen the problems of plastics that affect us because we had good stewardship of the past.

We knew that many of our imports, continue to bring plastics for single use, packaging and other goods that have plastics.

So we need to have this policy like this to help protect our environment and our seas to help us today and the future generation that will come.

The management policy can ban non-biodegradable plastics, and it needs all of the pay partners to work together to implement it.

I would like to thank the government for Azure Pure Water as an example and see how private companies, NGOs, and the corporate community can work together with the government to implement this policy.

The initiative of "Pem Plastiks" and "Recycle" initiative to help the protection of the environment and note population.

The government continues to rely heavily to address the issue of the population and their waste "plastiks"

We had to talk more about "Recovery, Reuse and Reduce" as a main idea to manage our dirt.

 The government also wanted to recognize the work of government, departments, municipalities, NGOs, private sectors and our partners who are still trying to find a solution to address the issues of this dirt / waste like plastics.

Like World Vision, Azure Pure Water has the partners who show through this "recycling initiative" where, should continue to work to address our plastics problems.

I appeal to all of us government, NGOs, partners, the private sector and our people who should continue to work together to address the problem of plastics.


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