The Office of the Prime Minister is pleased to say that under the current governance, the Ni-Vanuatu pilots are starting to enter the Vanuatu Air Company. There are several Ni-Vanuatu pilots who have completed their studies and follow routes with their diploma in Port Vila while waiting for the company to hire expatriates to come and fly the Vanuatu airplanes. Many of these expats have just done their work hours and when they have finished and returned to their country. The way Vanuatu's Air Vanuatu company hired expatriates to fly Vanuatu's planes and cause the Ni-Vanuatu pilots to be unable to fly, and even other pilots, went abroad to fly their planes . There is a report that says some of these pilots have returned to Vanuatu. The Prime Minister's Office is surprised to hear that the block of Sato Kilman and Ishmael Kalsakau are against local pilots and they do not talk about expatriate pilots at their press conference yesterday. The Office of the Prime Minister rejects these words from a press conference by Mr Kilman and Kalsakau yesterday that the Prime Minister has forced Air Vanuatu's board to retake a pilot who misses his pilot's exam. The Prime Minister's Office says that all Ni-Vanuatu pilots flying aircraft have graduated and the opposition should be pleased with it. The Office of the Prime Minister is aware that Ni-Vanuatu pilots have more hours than expatriate pilots who have just done their hours of work. The Prime Minister's Office says the government has to spend a lot of money to pay for local pilots and it's not good to finish and they can not work.

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