On Thursday, August 19, 2018, the second national congress of the RMC party is opened in the morning in Banban on the island of Santo. The President of the party RMC and also the same Prime Minister of Vanuatu who besides had made the official opening of this congress. Banks Island's bamboo band led the day at the convention venue with a hot afternoon sun after the official opening. RMC President Charlot Salwai welcomed the leaders of the moderates part: Serge Vohor, Marcelino Pipité, Sabi Natonga and others in this second national congress of the party RMC which is opened in Banban. Hundreds of people shared a cake from the Second National Congress of the RMC Party, there were 3 big tents that they set up at the Banban Football Field and filled with other delegations and others are looking for somewhere to go. installed and shelter under the shade of trees.

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