Good afternoon to you all,

It gives me great pleasure to stand before  you all this afternoon to commemorate the handing over of one of the largest project ever in the history of Vanuatu. This is remarkable day and a day in which Vanuatu will begin to write a new chapter in its education plan and path way for the future in line with the National sustainable Development Plan of the Government.

In this juncture, i wish to convey the appreciation of my government and that of the people of Vanuatu from Aneiytum to Torres to the Government and the people's Republic of China through you, Excellency. After Vanuatu's independence in 1980, Vanuatu not only inherited the political dilemma of our predecessors, but also carried on the legacies of the dual Education system which not only advanced our people educationally, but continued to stain the lives of our people with inherited ideologies. Today is a historical day that continues to strengthen the " One People, notion through this complex.

Within the frame of the Vanuatu Education Reform Program, the 102 Billion Vatu Project is like a lighthouse  that will continue to provide bright potential for every NI-Vanuatu citizens to gain knowledge and skills that this nation needs before and after we graduate from the list of LDC status on December 2020.

There is nothing short of gratitude to you and your government to continue to elevate Vanuatu in its journey towards sustainable development and further emancipation in a number of ways through educational opportunities for our citizens. This complex will provide avenue for all Ni-Vanuatu students and citizens to study together using English, French and other international languages to pursue further educational opportunity that is available at their doorstep.

We cannot continue to be stagnant in the age of scientific and technologic advancement in the world. This infrastructure will provide the state of the art learning environment for our people. There will come in a time , and this i challenge all our institution heads, when the institutions such as this, will open their doors even to the least fortunate to have an opportunity to get a certificate, or diploma or a higher degree. There is nothing short under the sun if we want to ensure that Vanuatu increase its human skill capacity in terms of expertise in skills development to move Vanuatu forward amongst all other nations region.

In this regards, I challenge institution heads, that Vanuatu must change  its complacency mentality to advance more opportunities for our people to gain skills and knowledge so that they explore more opportunities to improve their live hoods and thus contribute to Vanuatu's overall development objectives.

In Many Government Planning documents, the government emphasized the need to have an established institute of Higher Education leading to national University. This remarkable complex not only is a facility we can be proud of, but gives us good reason to think about ways we can use them to upskill the nation.


on behalf o the government of Vanuatu, I wish to thank the following people, without your help, this project and occasion will not eventuate:

            i.            The Government and People of the People's Republic of China for funding and equipment the complex

          ii.            The Yanjian Construction Group

         iii.            Chief of Ifira and the Land Owners whose land Malapoa college is located

        iv.            Past and Present Principals, Teachers and students

          v.            Malapoa College council

        vi.            Government Ministers and officials now and in the past who contributed to the proposals, design, discussions and any other contributions to see this project come to fruition.

       vii.            Church leaders and individuals for your thoughts and prayers towards development projects in Vanuatu.

Concluding Remarks

With the official handing over o the project today, I wish to convey the government's continuous support to the college and other learning institutions in Vanuatu to ensure that the government's overall plan for higher education is achieved. I further wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the government for China for its unwavering commitment and support to Vanuatu over the years in particular its contribution towards the development of the Education sector in Vanuatu as reflected in the funding support towards the USP Emalus Complex and now the Malapoa School Complex. The Past number of years has been a continued transformation of the country as result of donor support.

To the Minister of Education and Training and the Malapoa college administration and Council. With this handing Over, I wish to see a clear comprehensive plan how this complex can be used to optimise further training in Vanuatu. This government in committed to see more and more university courses and programs offered locally so that we can maximize our scholarship budget to cover more students.

With these words, I wish to thank you all for attending this important ceremony and thank you again for your  attention

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