Today, we gather here to enjoy a wonderful moment. With the great attention and care from leaders at all levels and relevant departments of China and Vanuatu, the handover ceremony of Malapoa college Extension project is grandly held here. It is my honor to be the representative of the construction enterprise to express warm congratulation on the successful completion of this project. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the guest and friend.

Our company, Yanjian Group, was established in 1952, and it(s a large comprehensive enterprise group mainly engage in the general construction of domestic and overseas projects, real estate development, capital operation and commercial trade. And it ranks 140th on the 2018 Engineering News Record's list of the world's top 250 international contractors.

The Extension of Vanuatu Malapoa College is comprehensive and large school project, covering an area of approximately 3.43 hectare and the total gross area is 12300 square meters, which can accommodate 840 students studying here at the same time. The project was commenced in June 2016 and was accepted by specialist Group from Ministry of Commerce of China in June 2018 after two years of intensive construction. In the following maintenance period, the maintenance team will rectify minor defects that may be found in the process of using the project to make it perfect.

During the implementation of the project, we got strong support and help from Chinese Embassy and Economic and commercial office and Vanuatu government, with the hard work of project 

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